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Fried Pickle Chips (vo) 6

With one dipping sauce

Hand-dipped corn dog (vo) 3

Beef or zucchini, cornmeal batter

Tacos (gf, vo) 6.5

Three tacos, slow-roasted pork or jackfruit, salsa verde, cabbage, lime

Fried Brussel Sprouts (gf, v) 6

Tossed in garlic oil and apple cider vinegar, served creamy garlic dipping sauce

Mac-n-cheese (vo) 7

Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Cheez-it crumbs, green onion

fries (gf, v)

House-cut or sweet potato with 2 dipping sauces

Dipping Sauces 

Ranch, vegan ranch (v), Sriracha ranch, Sputnik especial (n), creamy garlic (v), Sambal mayo (vo), sweet habañero jam (v), Bourbon BBQ (v), banana ketchup (v), roasted jalapeno (v,n), brown gravy (v), Buffalo sauce (v)


Cubano (vo) 9

Slow-roasted pork or jackfruit, ham, Swiss, mojo mustard, creamy garlic, pickles

Banh Mi (vo) 9

Marinated pork or tofu, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber, green onion, sprouts, jalapeño herb spread and sambal mayo

Buffalo Po' Boy (vo) 10

Deep-fried chicken or tempeh, house-made buffalo sauce, onions, tomatoes, pickles and ranch slaw, on a toasted hoagie roll

Israeli Falafel(v) 9

Garbanzo and fava bean fritters, sambal, cucumber salad, fries and pickles, Tzatziki sauce wrapped in a tortilla 

Grilled Cheese 7.5

Cheddar, Swiss, Monterey Jack, and tomato basil spread on sourdough

French-ish Dip (vo) 10

Shaved sirloin or marinated mushrooms, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, horseradish aioli, on a toasted hoagie roll, served with house-made onion au jus

E.L.T. (vo) 6

Fried eggs or tofu, fresh lettuce and tomato, avocado aioli, served on golden brown Texas toast (add a protein for $2)

and . . .

Winter Rice Bowl (vo) 9

Local Polidori kielbasa or Field Roast vegan sausage, pan-fried with steamed broccoli, green beans, cauliflower and wild rice, served with a side of gravy

Sputnik Soul Bowl (vo) 10

Mashed potatoes, fried chicken or tempeh, served with collard greens, kale, corn and red onions, topped with brown gravy and fried shallots

Winter Salad (gf, v, seeds) 9

Spring greens mixed with Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, tomato, red cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, kale and golden beets, topped with sunflower seeds and house-made croutons, tossed in house-made Green Goddess dressing

Gluten-free and vegan options are cooked in a small kitchen that also uses wheat, nuts, and cooks animal products. Because of this, cross-contamination of allergens is bound to occur--we are not 100% allergen-free.

V=ingredients are vegan, vo=ingredients are vegan optional, gf=ingredients are gluten-free, n=item contains nuts